Confidence Building

I aim to build confidence with all of my pupils and by recognising their strengths and identifying areas to work on, my pupils start to feel confident in their ability to drive. Adrian’s School of Motoring offers something more than other driving schools and that is the chance for fellow drivers to revisit their own training and build on their driving skills.

A lot of drivers who have already passed their driving test lose confidence for a number of reasons. That could be as a result of not driving for a while, having bad experiences, not understanding current road signs/rules or simply being overwhelmed with the volume of traffic on today’s roads. Understandably, a lot of people have difficulty driving on their own or in busy places and this can affect daily living such as going shopping or traveling somewhere new.

As a result of this, I offer specially designed lessons to build on current driving skills and also to help develop new skills and awareness of today’s roads. Lessons could include motorway driving, city driving and all types of urban driving. By identifying difficult areas of driving, I can tailor lessons to suit the individual. I am pleased to offer anyone who holds a current U.K driving license the opportunity to ‘top up’ their skills and build confidence on the roads. Pupils will also receive an Adrian’s School of Motoring certificate as proof of their new skills!