Anxiety Management

I understand how frightening it can be for drivers on the road these days. For learners it’s difficult to learn to drive in such busy unpredictable conditions. For other drivers, it can be difficult to adapt to the changing conditions in which we are faced with on the roads. Most of us will have experienced anxiety or nervousness whilst driving and this can sometimes become a huge barrier to either learning to drive for the first time or just being able to drive day to day as someone who has already passed their test.

Anxiety affects us in many ways. Most noticeably, anxiety can affect us physically and can cause shakiness, sweating, butterflies, palpitations, sickness, feeling hot and sometimes we have difficulty concentrating. The physical effects of anxiety can be really uncomfortable so often we will avoid situations that trigger anxiety, like driving on busy roads. This can develop a lack of confidence and is a cycle that is often hard to break out of.

Anxiety also affects the way we think about driving and often we imagine worst case scenario or have negative thoughts about ourselves and doubt our ability to cope with driving. Adrian’s School of Motoring can offer support for coping with anxiety and will provide self help anxiety management techniques. I aim to build confidence in all of my pupils but for those who are anxious about driving, extra one to one support is available. Together we can build a specific personalised plan of action to help overcome anxiety and avoidance so pupils can drive at their own pace in a comfortable, gradual way. I can also provide pupils with self help resources to read and practice during lessons and also in their own time. Face the fear and do it anyway!