I started my working career as an apprentice vehicle technician for Christian Salvesens in 1985. By 1990 I was the Workshop Manager in London and I also trained apprentices within the industry. I acquired a HGV license in 1990 which is a highly advanced qualification of driving to achieve. I feel that my background in the transport industry has been beneficial during my career as a driving instructor. It has given me extensive knowledge of how to understand the operation of vehicles and tackle complications that can occur on the road.

In 2003 I became a fully qualified driving instructor and have been self-employed since then. I have achieved outstanding pass rates which I am very proud of thanks to the hard work and determination of my pupils. In 2007 I became a grade 6 driving instructor which is the highest level awarded to instructors. Driving instructors have to undergo a ‘check test’ every four years by the DSA to monitor competence and standard of instruction. Instructors are awarded a grade between 1-6 based on their performance during the test. I am proud to say that I was awarded a grade 6 again in 2016 following my most recent check test.

Each year the DSA provide instructors with fault analysis reports which show their yearly pass rates and number of faults allocated during their pupils driving tests. I have always achieved 90% or above for first time passes and on my latest fault analysis report I averaged 2.4 minors on driving tests. From April 2021 to April 2022  I only had 2 first time failed driving tests out of 36 tests, which demonstrates the quality of instruction and support that I offer my pupils. Since being a driving instructor I have had 102 pupils pass their driving test first time with no minors. This is rare and again shows the high standard of instruction I offer. Only 6% of driving instructors obtain Grade 6 nationally.